Birra Amarcord

We present to you our excellent range of Artisan Beers by Amarcord.
The firstborn always enjoy a privileged position. Le Classiche beers were the first that the Amarcord brewery team formulated and produced, inspired by a philosophy aiming to make our beers easy to approach, but at the same time rich in fragrances and flavours. Beers that can be drunk every day and always giving strong emotions and sensations. Gradisca, Midòna, Volpina and Tabachéra are the names of the leading ladies in Fellini’s film Amarcord, each with her own personality and different from the others, and each with her distinctive nuances to be discovered and savoured. Just like the beers we’ve named after them!

We exclusively distribute these beers in the UK and are proud to have them in our portfolio.


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