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Exciting new products from Salumeria Maletti

A story of great tasting salami recipes that date back over a hundred and fifty years. Maletti Salumeria was born in Casinalbo, in the suburbs of Modena, towards the end of the 19th century, from a small kitchen workshop Francesco Maletti’s passion grew for excellence in Salumeria and his products soon became known for their unique flavour and aroma. Soon after his products were set to be exported all over the world and served the most beautiful delicatessens in Europe.

Maletti cured meats began to be distributed, first in Italy, then also abroad, the kitchen workshop became a small factory and a company store was created for the local consumers from Modena and Bologna where they could purchase direct from the store and chat with the family members about their goods.


Salsiccia di Secondegliano

salsiccia di secondegliano

WEIGHT: 400g.

LENGTH: 34cm.

DIAMETER: 3.5cm.

QUALITY: choice pure pork, belly and shoulder only.

SPICES AND FLAVOURINGS: white wine (Sweet); white wine and crushed chilli pepper (Strong).

FLAVOUR: the mouth watering flavouring is sweetened by the light smoking (Sweet). Quite hot due to the wild chilli pepper, which gives it an unmistakable fragrance and flavour (Strong).

Gluten-free. Dairy-free.

Have you discovered the taste of real tomato?

An Italian love story…

torpedino from fondiAll love stories begin in the same way, firstly you have to meet each other and this is exactly what happened with the Torpedino. The Di Vito’s family business has always been in tomato production and when everyone thought it was impossible to grow a particular variety of tomato with a natural sweetness, they never stopped searching for the perfect answer. Finally in 2007, the Di Vito’s family discovered the Torpedino. Torpedino is the greatest expression of a territory that has always been devoted to the production and culture of tomatoes and this is what makes it an authentic product. It is a rustic variety, belonging to the family of Mini SanMarzano with a well-balanced relationship between sweetness and acidity, a solid pulp, and very little seeds. In the category of small size fruits this is the only one that can be consumed both red and green and it can be enjoyed both fresh and cooked. The shelf life of this gem extends beyond other tomatoes and will keep perfectly up to 20 days out of the fridge. Torpedino is a product that involves a close and passionate group of producers working the countryside, united by their love for quality, all working to achieve perfection.

francesco mazzei with the torpedino Francesco Mazzei when he discovered the aroma and taste of Torpedino, now a firm favourite within the menus of his restaurants.

It’s a four season tomato, fresh all year round.

Torpedino grows from May to November in Fondi. When the climate turns cold the Torpedino production is moved to the south of Italy in the Sicilian countryside of Licata and Vittoria. The sun of Sicily can guarantee a reasonable quantity of fresh products from December to April making it a tomato to enjoy all year round.

Martino and Mariano on the uk tourWe at Delitalia have fallen in love with this jewel and import it weekly to be enjoyed in restaurants around the UK. Transformed into elegant decoration, garnishes, accompaniments and rustic dishes by chefs hands, it can change the way you think about a simple tomato – have you tried the true taste of tomato?

Martino and Mariano di Vito (Mr Torpedino) visit customers across the UK.

Danilo Cortellini – “4 Grosvenor Square”

Danilo Cortellini

danilo cortellini book 43 grsnover square delitaliaOriginally from Abruzzo, a small region of Italy that is rich in culinary tradition, Danilo Cortellini’s destiny to become a chef was already decided. Inspired by the landscapes and memories of his hometown; a place that stood next to the highest mountain in central Italy, Gran Sasso, the Adriatic coastline, and a thriving farm industry, the ingredients of Danilo’s first experiences in the kitchen were always fresh, abundant and seasonal.

Early memories of cooking hark back to running around the kitchen with his brothers and hiding under the table as his grandmother made fresh pasta, complaining about their noise. Soon, mealtimes became synonymous with family, sharing, and bringing people together, something that turned into the driving force behind Danilo’s pursuit into the culinary world.


Supplying the food for the Italian Embassy

We work close with Danilo with the supply of premium ingredients for many events where he creates the most fantastic dishes for the guests of the Ambassador at the Italian Embassy. These recipes can be found in his book…




Mezzogiorno by Francesco Mazzei

FRANCESCO MAZZEI, DELITALIA, MEZZO GIORNO, BBC, FRANCESCO BOOK Mezzogiorno is my first cookbook and it represents all I love about cooking. Recipes are drawn from the traditions of the southern Italian regions of Abruzzo, Molise, Campania, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia. Inspired by our family’s joy of sitting down around the table to reconnect daily, the book is divided into chapters based on the traditional format of an Italian meal. It is a culinary journey from antipasti, primi, secondi, vegetables all the way through to desserts with a section dedicated to sauces and bread.

The style of cooking is rooted in ‘peasant cooking’, the art of transforming humble ingredients into more than the sum of their parts to create a flavoursome meal. Rustic and hearty but also light and fresh, ideal for the long, balmy Italian summers.

I hope you will enjoy reading this collection of recipes as much as I enjoyed writing it. Buon appetito!


available from delitalia

Please let us know and we can arrange a copy for you and your friends, we could have your book personalised by Francesco!

Call us or email to discuss a price and delivery.


Moscato di Saracena featured on ‘The Wine Show’

Francesco Mazzei cooks with Enzo Barbieri

mazzei barbieri cruschi altomonte delitalia

In the small town of Altomonte above the roof tops sits the fantastic kitchen restaurant of Enzo Barberi, the well known Italian chef from Rai TV. His long time friend Francesco Mazzei takes over his kitchen and creates the most tasty dish of Liver Involtini stuffed with Nduja, finished with Pipi Cruschi…

Claudio Viola, winemaker

moscato mazzei francesco altomonte viola cantina calabria

The Moscato di Saracena is a delicious and refined meditation passito wine that, as it is only produced in this area with a very old procedure, requires a separate vinification of the moscato grape, which is obtained from the local vine and from other grapes. The must obtained from the vinification of the malvasia and guarnaccia grapes is concentrated to increase the sugar content, while the aroma and the particular taste derive from the moscatello grape, picked and dried some weeks before the harvest. The moscatello and adduroca desiccated grapes are selected, manually pressed and then added to the concentrated must (first pressing). After a long and slow fermentation we have an amber yellow passito with gold reflections, with an intense aroma and with a honey, dried figs and exotic fruit flavour.

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