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Company Statement

Danilo Cortellini launches his exclusive online cooking classes

Danilos classes and recipes are inspired by his home in Abruzzo, and our two boxes feature the products needed for Croccante di Mandorle Con Mousse di Ricotta and fresh pasta with smoked ricotta, tomato and marjoram.

So why not take this time to learn some new skills, and virtually immerse yourself in Abruzzo, a land famed for its culinary creations and renowned chefs.

Each box contains enough ingredients to make this recipe a few times, so you can make it again and again for friends and family when the time comes round again.

Call 0844 5611544 to order now!

Danilos Almond Recipe box

Danilo's Almond Box

  • 500g Shelled Almonds
  • 250g Ricotta
  • 1-litre Cream
  • 1kg Caster Sugar
  • Ground Cinamon
  • 1 Lemon
Danilo's Pasta Recipe box

Danilo's Pasta Box

  • 6 Italian eggs
  • 1kg Petra 00 Pasta Flour
  • 500ml Eleusi Olive Oil
  • 250g Smoked Ricotta Cheese
  • 1 White Onion
  • 1 Garlic Bulb
  • 1 Bunch of Basil
  • Dried Marjoram
  • 1 Red Chilli

About Delitalia

We believe the only way to develop and produce a successful balanced Menu, Wine list and Beer list is to use top quality products. Our philosophy is to be ahead of the Italian culinary movement by introducing fabulous innovative regional Italian food and drink products to the UK restaurant scene.

Delitalia makes it easier to bring the flavours and tastes of Italy’s twenty regions here by fast track delivery system each week directly from our Italian partners DAC, based in Brescia, northern Italy. Watch out for our new range of artisan products ready for next day delivery from both our English and Scottish depots.

The Baladin Epiphany

Hunter S Thompsons daily routine was a drug interlaced merry go round of glasses of Chivas regal, chartreuse, cigarettes, pornographic movies and fettuccine Alfredo. Yet, the man would condemn me for drinking what he supposed as “bad beer” The author and heavy drug...

Maletti: A True Positive In A World Gone Mad.

Maletti Products Now Available In Pre Sliced Packs for Home Delivery Over the last 8 weeks of lockdown, Ive been constantly reciting a litany of positives that have come about through our national incarceration. There are obvious things that leap to mind; Watching my...

Pizzaiolo Beginners Guide

When I was a kid, pizza was my nonna’s heavy, cardboard like crust with a scraping of leftover sugo from a previous nights dinner and if I was lucky, that blocky mozzarella you feel is better suited to as a buoyancy aide rather than something to be cooked with. In my...

I discovered that Napoli has its own Taralli biscuit.

There is a brief moment in the Neapolitan day when the hubbub and frenzy that has characterised the city from its founding, is momentarily becalmed. It’s a golden hour around two o’clock when locals climb back up cool marble staircases to stuffy bedrooms for siesta...

The Baba is about as Neapolitan as Maradonna

It started with Asterix launching a fist full of magic potion into the noble, patrician nose of Caesar. It was accentuated by Napoleon’s march over the alps and his conquest of the peninsular, before being topped off in 2006 when Zinedine Zidane anointed the chest of...

Joe Hurds ‘Wish list’ for a perfect Christmas…

Joe Hurds Christmas Wish List: I can remember the last Christmas list I wrote. I was probably about 10 and ambitiously penned the demands on Christmas Eve before popping it into the fire place with all that magical innocence, and faithful expectancy children invest...

Novello – San Martino ogni mosto diventa vino…

No light falls on the flagstone outside the little trattoria, or osteria, or restaurant or whatever the owner is currently referring to it as this week. The usually damp-flannel grey of the pavement, idly tanned by a rusty, brassy toffee-like attempt at...

Motor City and Mort… followed by Picci

Italian Americans are responsible for all manner of minor, cross-cultural disgraces; Spaghetti and meatballs, chicken parmigaaan and most of the cast of Jersey Shore. However their early experiences in the new world and its seemingly never ending supply of...

Burro di Bufala

It started with a satisfying itch in the centre of my chest during a meal of pork more bereft of moisture than a saharan salt cod factory. Overnight, I assumed that this little red blob the exact shape of Sardinia was nothing more than a heat rash probably...

Cavatelli ‘a mano’ with Molino Quaglia

and all that summer veg.. I have to hand it to myself, I am really rather cool. I realised this the night I spent counting all the times Pellegrino Artusi included butter in a recipe. I realised that I was at a Fonzie (US Cult TV character, not Nik Nak...

Tuna, tuna, tuna.

I am 4, sitting at a long pine table the colour of petrified tree sap. There are ’s kids everywhere in a dazzling array of technicolour nylon armour, dungarees, vest tops, water paint stained jeans and socks that slip down the ankle to give the impression...

Saturday Kitchen… Caponata and Vegan Lamb!

   I’ve always thought Italian food had that same capacity for lawlessness and personal interpretation as Rock and Roll does with music. Like Rock and Roll, as long as you stick within a very loose, slightly un-codified frame work, it’s hard to make any...

A Caponata for all seasons

Caponata , aptly nicknamed “A Hungry Mans Dream”, is quite possibly one of the best meals you can make if you are a body toning nut job who doesn’t want to compromise on the flavour and morale that is usually associated with “Health” food. Its very simply...


So how does an Irish Catholic, a lover of Italy, Italian wine and Italian food, who is a solicitor representing most of the Italian community of Chesterfield become known as "Consigliere " !! Trust me I am honest and have never personally had anyone...

Mais Corvino, from 40 seeds to 1.3m plants.

Entrepreneur and passionate farmer   Carlo Maria Recchia - born in 1993 - is a very young entrepreneur who built his fortune from an ancient passion, love for the land and for agriculture, which led him to be the first and only producer and...

Joe Hurd – A nostalgic look on my love affair with Stracchino

The Thomas Cook middle England “Pilgrimage of The Sun” route I never did holiday romances growing up, not in the conventional sense, but the closest I got was a story that makes Heathcliff and Cathy look like Alex Reid and Jordan. When Calabria started...

New wardrobe or Maletti Salumi? What would you choose…

Exciting new products from Salumeria Maletti A story of great tasting salami recipes that date back over a hundred and fifty years. Maletti Salumeria was born in Casinalbo, in the suburbs of Modena, towards the end of the 19th century, from a small kitchen...

Have you discovered the taste of real tomato?

An Italian love story... All love stories begin in the same way, firstly you have to meet each other and this is exactly what happened with the Torpedino. The Di Vito’s family business has always been in tomato production and when everyone thought it was...

Verdicchio by Stefano Antonucci

Verdicchio, amphora bottle - not this one! Antonucci, Mossi to his friends... Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico wine is dry white wine made under the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC, but specifically produced from Verdicchio grapes grown in the...

Danilo Cortellini – “4 Grosvenor Square”

Danilo Cortellini Originally from Abruzzo, a small region of Italy that is rich in culinary tradition, Danilo Cortellini’s destiny to become a chef was already decided. Inspired by the landscapes and memories of his hometown; a place that stood next to the...

Mezzogiorno by Francesco Mazzei

 Mezzogiorno is my first cookbook and it represents all I love about cooking. Recipes are drawn from the traditions of the southern Italian regions of Abruzzo, Molise, Campania, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia. Inspired by our family’s...

Moscato di Saracena featured on ‘The Wine Show’

Francesco Mazzei cooks with Enzo Barbieri In the small town of Altomonte above the roof tops sits the fantastic kitchen restaurant of Enzo Barberi, the well known Italian chef from Rai TV. His long time friend Francesco Mazzei takes over his kitchen and...

The real carbonara by Joe Hurd

Cream, who needs it? Just have a look how to make a true carbonara with only a handful of ingredients. Guanciale is the secret so throw away that watery bacon...    
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