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About Delitalia

We believe the only way to develop and produce a successful balanced Menu, Wine list and Beer list is to use top quality products. Our philosophy is to be ahead of the Italian culinary movement by introducing fabulous innovative regional Italian food and drink products to the UK restaurant scene.

Delitalia makes it easier to bring the flavours and tastes of Italy’s twenty regions here by fast track delivery system each week directly from our Italian partners DAC, based in Brescia, northern Italy. Watch out for our new range of artisan products ready for next day delivery from both our English and Scottish depots.

Motor City and Mort… followed by Picci

Italian Americans are responsible for all manner of minor, cross-cultural disgraces; Spaghetti and meatballs, chicken parmigaaan and most of the cast of Jersey Shore. However their early experiences in the new world and its seemingly never ending supply of...

Burro di Bufala

It started with a satisfying itch in the centre of my chest during a meal of pork more bereft of moisture than a saharan salt cod factory. Overnight, I assumed that this little red blob the exact shape of Sardinia was nothing more than a heat rash probably...

Cavatelli ‘a mano’ with Molino Quaglia

and all that summer veg.. I have to hand it to myself, I am really rather cool. I realised this the night I spent counting all the times Pellegrino Artusi included butter in a recipe. I realised that I was at a Fonzie (US Cult TV character, not Nik Nak...

Tuna, tuna, tuna.

I am 4, sitting at a long pine table the colour of petrified tree sap. There are ’s kids everywhere in a dazzling array of technicolour nylon armour, dungarees, vest tops, water paint stained jeans and socks that slip down the ankle to give the impression...

Saturday Kitchen… Caponata and Vegan Lamb!

   I’ve always thought Italian food had that same capacity for lawlessness and personal interpretation as Rock and Roll does with music. Like Rock and Roll, as long as you stick within a very loose, slightly un-codified frame work, it’s hard to make any...

A Caponata for all seasons

Caponata , aptly nicknamed “A Hungry Mans Dream”, is quite possibly one of the best meals you can make if you are a body toning nut job who doesn’t want to compromise on the flavour and morale that is usually associated with “Health” food. Its very simply...


So how does an Irish Catholic, a lover of Italy, Italian wine and Italian food, who is a solicitor representing most of the Italian community of Chesterfield become known as "Consigliere " !! Trust me I am honest and have never personally had anyone...

Mais Corvino, from 40 seeds to 1.3m plants.

Entrepreneur and passionate farmer   Carlo Maria Recchia - born in 1993 - is a very young entrepreneur who built his fortune from an ancient passion, love for the land and for agriculture, which led him to be the first and only producer and distributor of...

Joe Hurd – A nostalgic look on my love affair with Stracchino

The Thomas Cook middle England “Pilgrimage of The Sun” route I never did holiday romances growing up, not in the conventional sense, but the closest I got was a story that makes Heathcliff and Cathy look like Alex Reid and Jordan. When Calabria started...

Supplying the UK restaurant scene

Delitalia makes it easier to bring the flavours and tastes of Italy’s twenty regions here by fast track delivery system

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